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Danny Abrahams NEW

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Railway_ large

Danny Abrahams is a totally self taught landscape artist. Born in Bradford in 1977 , Danny took an interest in sketching and painting from an early age.

During his teen years he discovered a love for music , becoming an accomplished musician , writing songs and playing guitar for the rock band ‘The Hoover Dams’. He found moderate success with the band , gigging at venues all over the UK , appearing on TV and doing live performances on the radio.

On reaching his thirties , he found that his love for art was starting to take over, and while he still enjoys writing songs and performing , art has become the focal point of Danny’s life. As a true Yorkshire man , Danny has been influenced by the the local beauty of the northern landscape and been inspired by his many travels during his career.

Danny has a love for the surrounding environment , finding beauty in everyday ‘images’ . The sky is a powerful subject in Danny’s work , it never ceases to amaze him , the overall beauty , emptiness , rawness and power of an everyday natural wonder that most of us take for granted.

Danny prefers working with oil on canvas. It favours his natural ability to capture the many ‘moods’ of the landscape and the magical ‘skyscapes’ that have become Danny’s focal point. Inspiration for his work comes from everyday situations , whether it’s from staring through the window on a cold and wet evening , or taking a stroll through the Dales on a Summer’s day. As he sit’s down in front of a bare canvas , he lets his natural ability and creative mind take over , using vibrant colours to create ‘amazing and magical ‘ landscapes .

Distant Memories By Danny Abrahams   Always Time For Fishing By Danny Abrahams  Love Is In The Air By Danny Abrahams  When We were kids Danny brahams  Enjoy The Ride By Danny Abrahams  Following The Right Track By Danny Abrahams

Kate Lycett

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Kate Lycett is an artist living and working in the lovely, quirky town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. She paint landscapes and townscapes, using rich colours, thread and gold leaf. There are patterns, ornament and colour all around.

These delightful little lanterns are made by Hebden Bridge Artist, Kate Lycett.

The lanterns are printed and lasercut to a very fine detail, right down to the tiny windows and the individual fairy lights and tiny windows! Absolutely beautiful.

The lantern comes flat and can be easily rolled into a cylinder and placed over a tea light or some fairy lights. If you place over a tea light, it must be contained within a glass jar.

The lantern has an 11cm Diameter and is 16cm high at its tallest point.

Andrea Hunter (Coming Soon)

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New artist coming soon
Andrea Hunter ‘Felt Artist’
After graduating from Leeds University Andrea returned home to the Dales to work as a professional artist. She worked predominantly in Charcoal and pastel for several years, before her interest in textiles uncovered a real love for felt making.

Andrea tries to create depth, subtlety, texture and a real feeling of movement in her felt pictures. These qualities are born from a technique of working with fine layers of wool as if it were paint. It is this technique and a strong illustrative dimension, which makes her work distinctly different from traditional felt art work

To view her work click here

Walking Without The Dog

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Released in Summer 2005, this very limited print was sold out within a few weeks. Walking without the dog is very different from the snow scenes and Barns of Yorkshire we are used to. Originally painted without Shep as a tribute to his much loved companion, Peter could not bring himself to leave him out. Peter was so used to having him and his dog in all his pictures, he had to paint Shep in, but this time not by his side. Shep sits on the other side of the bank watching his owner walk away, Peter now ‘Walking without the dog.’

Sandra Parker Sheep Art in the Yorkshire Dales

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About Sandra Parker

I was born in Harrogate in the 1960′s and raised on a small family run farm at Menwith Hill, Nidderdale. This afforded me a freedom and understanding of the countryside, which looking back made me very privileged. My Grandfather was the last farmer in Nidderdale to go mechanised and stop using horsepower. He clung onto the ‘old ways’ as long as he could. Today we call his way of farming organic.

When I was at junior school at the end of the summer term we used to go on a nature walk by the river Nidd which ran through the village. We used to pick as many wild flowers as we could and once back in the classroom we drew the flowers. I used to love drawing the flowers and colouring them in, this is my earliest memory of enjoying art.
Once I reached senior school I wasn’t very interested in art and up to the age of 20 had no further interest in it at all. What happened when I was 20 to reignite my passion? Nothing too apocalyptic! I went with my Mother to an art class but I didn’t enjoy it and packed it in after 3 lessons.
But what it did do was teach me the rudiments of understanding colour and how to mix and apply oil paint.
From that point I set up a studio in a small caravan on our farm. I was given an easel by my Father on my 21st birthday and painted anything I could, from pictures of wildlife taken from books, to sitting outside painting farm scenes. None of which were very good but I was hooked.

I stopped painting when family commitments took over, namely my beautiful children, and we moved to a sheep farm in Walden, Wensleydale. In 2008 I started painting again and finally decided on which direction to go. Painting the iconic Swaledale sheep has proven very popular. When I exhibited my work in the Old School House gallery in Muker in 2009 I sold most of my work that was exhibited in that first year.

I am inspired by the varied elements of the Swaledale sheep from the geometrical curve and swirl of the horns, to the random depth of the fleece and the defiant twinkle in their eyes.

I am now living in Richmond, at head of Swaledale and Wensleydale, in the Yorkshire Dales. I take photos of Swaledale sheep in there natural environment to capture the composition and movement I want for my paintings.

My art is dedicated to my Father who was the epitome of the hardened Dales sheep farmer. I loved him dearly and was always encouraged by him to keep painting until he passed away in 2009.

The Smithy Gallery stocks Limited and Open Edition prints by Sandra Parker visit the website to see all available prints view and buy online

Sandra Parker

NEW Christina Harris Originals

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In 2011 Christina planned to do a set of 12 Limited Edition originals featuring the 3 peaks of The Yorkshire Dales. Theses originals would be available exclusively through The Smithy Gallery. Christina had produce around 8 of the Limited Editions when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now Christina is well on the way to recovery she has retured to painting and finished two of the Limited editions that layed partially done.

Chritmas At The Smithy Gallery

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Christmas is fast approaching.

Sorry to mention the dreaded C word
I know it seems so far away I hate it also how shops sell Christmas to us so early, I saw Christmas for sale in local Co op in September, I was digusted, but did feel like a mince pie. Nom Nom.
With bad weather and couriers not delivering when asked to we need to plan early for Christmas. If you are thinking of getting a picture especailly a Peter Brook Embellished then please let me know ASAP, you dont have to pay now but just give me plenty of notice so I can prepare, this goes for any other framed artwork.

Gift Vouchers from The Smithy Gallery

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What is an Embellished print?

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What is an embellished print?

An embellished print is a technique used by many artists, it usually involves taking a print, then the  print may be resized smaller or larger than the original. The print is then bonded to hardboard and brushed with a special varnish, once dried the print is framed usually without glass , but I have seen some with glass. The finished picture has the appearance of an original especially if framed without glass and works really well with a picture or spotlight. We stock a wide range of Peter Brook embellished prints.

NEW Nolon Stacey Release

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NEW release by Nolon Stacey, pencil artist  at The Smithy Gallery kettlewell.

The new print is Donkey and is available as an A3 mounted print, or framed print

click the link to find out more